Pinny in Summer

Written by Joanne Schwartz
Illustrated by Isabelle Malenfant
Groundwood Books

This engaging story, told in chapter-like episodes, follows Pinny on a long, lazy summer day. As sunshine turns to rain and back to sun again, Pinny searches for a wishing rock, watches clouds, picks wild blueberries, feeds a seagull, and bakes a cake to share with her friends.

An ideal book for children beginning to make the jump to independent reading, Pinny in Summer demonstrates the joy young people find in nature and an unstructured life. Pinny is allowed to explore her world freely, and her small setbacks and triumphs will be familiar to every child.

With charming illustrations by Isabelle Malenfant and a spare, poetic text from author Joanne Schwartz, Pinny in Summer is a bright and inviting picture book that captures all the delight of a perfect summer day.


“Schwartz’s prose is wonderful—”the sun was shining again, making everything as warm as toast”—and so nice to put your mouth around. Pinny’s adventures are simple but lovely, and are certainly the kind that will inspire a child to dream of similar things. And the story is beautifully bought to life with Malenfant’s illustrations, with shades of blue and violet, simple drawings enlivened by wonderful texture, shadows and darkness at the edges that keep things interesting.”
– Pickle Me This

“Whether used as a read-aloud or a bridge between early readers and chapter books, a serene treat.”
– Kirkus 

 “Schwartz’s story, which is populated entirely by children, is a quiet, lovely exploration of what childhood can be like without the schedules and restrictions imposed by adults.The attention to detail throughout, from the beautifully written text and frame-worthy illustrations to the overall high quality of book design, make Pinny in Summer an excellent choice — whether you’re looking for a special gift or a great bedtime story.”
– Atlantic Books Today

Pinny in Summer sets an idyllic mood.”
– The New York Times