Town is by the Sea featured on Soundworlds: a sonic theatre podcast

Today, February 3, 2022, is the release of the newest episode of Soundworlds, featuring Town is by the Sea. Soundworlds, a sonic theatre podcast, is conceived by the multi-talented Patrick Eakin Young, a Canadian-born director and creative storyteller based in London, specialising in interdisciplinary projects, particularly music and sound driven storytelling. Gathering musicians, writers, theatre-makers and sound artists, Patrick describes the sonic theatre pieces as “immersive sound worlds, intoxicating blends of music and storytelling, sound design, documentary and fiction.”

For Town is by the Sea, composer and violinist Anna Rheingans (of the folk duo The Rheinghans Sisters) creates a beautiful musical soundscape as the backdrop to the dramatization of the story.

To hear this wonderful, creative adaptation of Town is by the Sea, go to to stream it online or subscribe to the soundworlds podcast and listen to this episode and the whole fascinating season.